Hi kids! I'm Dani the Dinosaur.
Are you ready to have some fun?

DANI'S coloring pages

You look like you're good at coloring. I have lots of pictures that need to be colored in. Can you help me? Ask your parents to download my pictures by clicking on them.
Help Me Color The Pear
What are some sports Dani teaches at Playsports?

DANI'S activity sheets

Here's some fun stuff to do when you're done playing outside. Grab your crayons and markers.
Circle Balls That Are The Same
Circle Letters
Color Me
Dani's Word Search

DANI'S healthy snack ideas

I love to eat stuff that's good for me. Fruits and vegetables make my body grow big and strong.

When I eat healthy food it gives me the energy to run around outside and play with my friends. Here are some of my favorite recipes for you to make with your parents.
Cucumber and Hummus Chips
Dip. Scoop. Eat.
Hummus and Veggie Snack